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Zilford's Fried Chicken

Nashville Hot Chicken In Calgary, Alberta

Posted by Laura

Saturday, May 13, 2017

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Welcome to the Street Food App Blog, featuring some of the tastiest food trucks and food carts across North America. Try not to fog up your screen as we meet this week’s truck.

Meet Zilford's Fried Chicken, a newcomer on the Calgary food truck scene. Zilford's is Calgary’s hottest purveyor of Nashville hot chicken. They hit the streets in spring 2017 with a truckload of fried chicken (which is what your arms will be filled with after reading this post).

I asked Parker a few questions about Zilford's and his awesome chicken…

A lot of people are interested in the journey that leads to becoming an entrepreneur. Why fried chicken and why a food truck?

Fried chicken has always held a special place in my heart. The smells and tastes of fried chicken instantly bring me back to incredible past experiences. Whether that's a muggy day in New Orleans with my girlfriend Katrina, or a somewhat hazier memory of post bar fried chicken with good buddies. The thought of a bucket of the fried good stuff brings a smile to my face. We hope to create fond fried chicken memories for Calgarians city-wide.

A food truck seemed like a simple choice when dreaming up the business. I think the biggest reason for going with a truck is the ability to get to many different communities within Calgary. We want to be able to serve fried chicken lovers from Auburn Bay to Rocky Ridge and beyond.

I’d love to replace my own chicken memories… they are dark, so very dark. I think your chicken could help.

If you are allowed to share, what is the secret to a perfect Southern fried chicken? You can't say love (even though it’s true).

It's certainly not a secret, but a key to great, juicy fried chicken is brining your chicken beforehand. There are many variables you can play with when brining. Wet or dry brine, different herbs or spices, etc. so the possibilities are endless. But you'll definitely increase your chances of delivering some tender goodness. Additionally, double deep frying is an effective way to get extra crispy, crunchy breading. Drop them thighs into your oil for a second time for an irresistible crust.

A lot of trucks have talked about the process of putting the truck together, branding, wrapping, and tricking out the inside. What was the coolest part of that process, and the most challenging?

The best part of the process was rationalizing eating massive amounts of fried chicken by claiming it to be part of “Research & Development.” My doctor isn't happy with my cholesterol levels. But I told him that it would be disrespectful to future customers to overlook the research and development process. I'm sure this summer will bring plenty of trials and tribulations, so I'll save the most challenging parts for our next conversation.

Cholesterol shermesterol… that’s what I’ve always said. Then people asked me to stop saying that.

What are three pieces of advice you would give someone who wants to be an entrepreneur and start a truck?

Keep saving up that money. I naively thought getting funding would be a lot easier than it was in reality. Reach out to others who are in the business already. I was lucky to have a couple food truck veterans generously provide me with priceless tips. Lots of this information would've taken me months to figure out via trial and error, but their kindness saved me lots of time and difficulties. Shout-outs to them!

How long did it take you to get to the perfect fried chicken? Tell us about your trials and tribulations!

The quest for fried chicken perfection is endless, so we won't ever stop striving for the flawless fried bird. With that being said, we've been working on our recipe in our home kitchen for the past two years. We've had tons of friends rotate through our place to sample some fried chicken and provide their feedback. We’ll miss all the action in our apartment, but we really can't wait until we can share our recipes with all the legends of Calgary.

We can’t freakin’ wait either! If you could just go ahead and mail me a thigh or two? That’s normal, right?

A huge thanks to Parker for taking time out of his chicken making and eating schedule to share his passion for Nashville-style chicken.

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