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Thursday, June 29th

Baba Finks Kiosk, Calle Mexico, Drift, Explore India, Mr. Chimi Churri, Orbit, The Sizzling Stick

Friday, June 30th

Baba Finks Kiosk, Bully Food Truck, Dedo's Food Truck & Catering, Explore India, Jackie O's Street Treats, Mr. Chimi Churri, Orbit, The Purple Perogy, The Sizzling Stick

Saturday, July 1st

BeaverTails Edmonton Mobile, Drift, Explore India, Meat Street Pies, Orbit, Smokehouse BBQ

Monday, July 3rd

The Sizzling Stick

Tuesday, July 4th

Mr. Chimi Churri, The Sizzling Stick

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