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Wilk's Booth

Serving gourmet burgers, sous-vide chicken burgers, crispy mashed potatos, poutines, Saskatoon Berry Lemonade and the occasional Features. Comfort foods cranked up!

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Friday, June 22nd

12 PM - 8 PM
East village junction
Combo’s, Grilled Bbq Chicken Burger, Ice Cold Saskatoon Lemonade

Saturday, June 23rd

12 PM - 10 PM
14660 Parkland Blvd SE
SUMMER FEST! Beer Gardens, Games, Live Music, Incredible Food

Sunday, June 24th

11 PM - 4 PM
Wild Rose Motocross Association 5608 Burbank Cres SE
Combo’s, Ice Cold Lemonade, Gourmet Burgers