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Flying Fish N Chipper

We have just joined the Ocean Wise Program! We are very excited to offer fresh local Fish N Chips served the traditional way in a crispy batter and hand cut chips. Simple, fresh daily, delicious. Weekly specials like fish tacos, pineapple fritters, fish burgers, poutine, clam chowder.

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Monday, May 28th

12:45 PM - 2 PM
7398 Edmonds St

Tuesday, May 29th

11:15 AM - 2 PM
Great Pacific Television

Wednesday, May 30th

11:15 AM - 2 PM
Olympic Village

Thursday, May 31st

11:15 AM - 2 PM
MEC Head office

Thursday, May 31st

4 PM - 9 PM
Yellow Dog Brewing Co

Friday, June 1st

11:15 AM - 2 PM

Saturday, June 2nd

10 AM - 5 PM
The University of British Columbia
Flag Football Association

Saturday, June 2nd

3 PM - 8 PM
Murray St