Tallahassee Food Truck Map

We're tracking 14 food truck events in Tallahassee from July 11 – July 17, 2020.
Visit the Tallahassee Food Trucks page for realtime & day-by-day schedules, daily specials & more!

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  1. Lasang Korea — We serve authentic Korean foods (Bulgogi, Japchae etc) and fusion foods with Korean flavors (philly cheesesteak, kimcheese Fry etc).
  2. Big Easy Snowballs — Traditional New Orleans style snowballs
  3. King Kuisine — Trust your gut and come experience our clever twists on the grilled cheese sandwich!
  4. Island Pound Hounds / Cocina Criolla — Serving authentic Puerto Rican Cuisine, Haute Dawgz and Bison/Buffalo Burgers!
  5. Julio's Food on the Move — Puerto Rican and American food
  6. Lofty Pursuits — Ice Cream bus and soda fountain
  7. Falafel Grill — Stop by for the taste of authentic Middle Eastern fresh food. Falafel, hummus, kabob, Greek salad, and so much more! We will be glad to serve you!
  8. Tiki Dawgs — We serve Nations hot dogs, Bradley's and Andouille sausages. Specialty Tiki Dawgs and Chicago Dawgs.
  9. El Criollo Grill — Authentic homemade Puerto Rican Cuisine.
  10. Valhalla Grill — An eclectic blend of bistro cuisine